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Protocol Department Public Site

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State diplomatic service had existing public SharePoint 2007 site. Since it was lacking contemporary design and some useful functionality, it was decided to create a new public web site based on SharePoint 2010 with modern metro-oriented UI, improved user experience and solidified functionality.
The metro UI was based on custom web part displaying rectangle blocks of different size comprising consistent metro-style design throughout the site. The web part’s configuration enabled site administrators to set up order and display of various metro blocks thus giving the site great UI construction flexibility.
Additionally, user experience was emboldened by Ajax-based data retrieval infrastructure. Fluent content display based on JsRender templates was used, too.
The site consisted of several modules, including publishing news, media center, diplomatic directory, content search, e-services and many more. Users coming to the site got full range of tools and interfaces to learn as much as possible about Protocol Department.
The solution was developed in cooperation with Exceed IT Services.

Tools and Technologies

  • SharePoint Server 2010


  • Language Variations
  • Enterprise Search
  • Ajax
  • JsRender
  • Custom Web Parts
  • Custom branding


Protocol Department of a Middle East state