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Excel Data Import (EDI)

Next Project

A huge company (over 50 000 staff) has requested a new SharePoint application to be used as a central repository for the quality testing queries and their attributes. This application was designed to support uploading queries via Excel and to display them in SharePoint lists with taxonomy filter. Individual query records could be created, edited or deleted. Two pie charts – reporting queries’ status and maturity – displayed real-time tracking of governance progress.
The WSS (SharePoint) site became a convenient storage solution for the library of business queries consisting of 130–200 items. Each query had around 35 attributes organized by 10 content groups. There were 2 viewing modes for displaying the query information: general view (displaying limited number of content groups for businesses) and power view (displaying all the information for the selected query including technical details).

Tools and Technologies

  • WSS 3.0
  • SharePoint Designer 2007
  • Windows Charts


  • Custom permissions
  • Out-of-the-box Excel Export
  • Custom list forms
  • Custom application pages